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Cool 3D lenticular post card

The matieral is eco-friendly!An excellent movie poster and promotion item.


Lenticular 3D postcard is with many effects,such as flip,motion,morph,zoom,3D...which can call much attention .

3D lenticular postcard specs

1.Material:PET/PP, 75lip, 100lpi, 160lpi, 200lpi
2.Size:10*15cm or as request.
3.Thickness: 0.45mm, 0.35mm, 0.52mm or 0.6mm or as request
4.Effects : zoom ,morph ,3D depth ,flip ,animation
5.Printing: 6 color uv printing;
6.Style :animals ,pyramids ,portraits ,indian gods ,natures ,etc
7,File format :CDR PDF AI GIF with dpi 300 or above
8.lead time: 5-7 days
9.MOQ:no minimum quantity.
10,Elegant UV printing with vivid ,fadeless ,durable ,waterproof ,etc
11,Thousand images of designs for your option as well as can offer us your own graphic files
12.packaging details: as request or according to the finished goods.

-Lenticular postcard with 3D or flip effect for Mail Marketing

This kind of mail marketing postcard, with its exciting Lenticular effect, can be customized as promotional product. Our post cards are printed on 100% recyclable and flexible PET lenticular sheet and measure 4" x 6" inches per piece or customized. Customize your promotional project by adding your company name and logo for a personalized finish.When the postcard is tilted in your hands, its image changes up and down.

-Why choosing Lenticular postcard ?

Given the frequency and longevity ,your products and its information is seen, this is a cost-efficient and perfect way to effectively convey your advertising message. It can help you get a memorable impact, and enhance the brand recognition. On the lenticular side, Customize your promotional project by adding your company name and logo for a persona-
lized finish. As for the back side, Choose from three different models of customization:blank (no customization), one color imprint, or full color printing.

Lenticular images can be 3D or 2D motion(flip ,morph ,zoom or animation) (image changes as you move the lenticular postcard). Compared to the standard 1% to 1.5% rate of response, postcards with lenticular 3D , flip,zoom,or other effect can without doubt draw your customers' attention to your next mailing to 15%, 20%, 25% or more, depending on your offer. One of our customers gave us a feedback that he got an amazing response about the mailing of lenticular post card he sent out for his training salon ĘC more than 70%.

Kodak made a research and discovered that more than 90% of those who receive a postcard,with 3D lenticular effect ,keep it, instead of throwing away those postcards . Those receivers tend to "play" with them, keep them, and show their friends around. So the response can keep coming in over a long time.

What's more, lenticular 3D,flip or motion postcards are of memorable impact. The rate of information-retention is up to three times or more than that of a standard postcard with a similar artwork. In addition,we can assist you with your direct mailing campaign if needed. We, as a leading 3D Lenticular prints manufacturer, also offer an array of value added solutions and services to help grow your business with mail marketing promotions.

When can you consider using postcard with Lenticular ?

Because of its colorful and bright 3D Lenticular images, the customized Lenticular Postcard is the best way to deliver your message to your customers . No matter when you announce an event, issue a new product or just an address change , Lenticular Post card can dramatically increase your chances to be viewed by your current and potential customers.

By adding one of our Lenticular effects such as 3D, Flip ,zoom, animation,3D+flip,or Morph, to your custom images ,those lenticular post card can help you create the maximal effects and value for your products.

What you only have to do is to send a lenticular postcard once to establish
yourself and than get a powerful impact.

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