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  Big size 3D lenticular poster

3d-leader has created the amazing big size 3D lenticular poster !! Up to 2m*3m.Not combined!

It is a fantastic 3-D posters you don't need 3-D glasses to see! Through an unique and modern poster making process, multiple images and layers are laminated beneath a unique lenticular sheet which allows the viewers to experience From Illusion to Reality within the depths of the poster!

These big lenticular poster can be used in lightboxes,wall,etc. With these big 3D posters you get a fantastic ¡®moving¡¯ life-like image.

The graphics which are featured on the big lenticular poster have been professionally produced to ensure that the best affects are achieved and unlike traditional non-lenticular prints, the big lenticular poster will add interest to any marketing campaign. lenticular poster with big size will use a choice of varying animation effects and jaw dropping special effects.

3d-leader has been able to capture the lenticular printing market by offering top quality lenticular 3D printing, such as a big lenticular poster, where the images which are printed on the lenticular poster appear to 3D, flip or animation effect. Like a small lenticular card, the big lenticular poster's image willchange depending on the viewer's angle.

Using latest technology and modern 3D poster making facilities allows us to produce lenticular postersof anykind,whichcan be used outdoor and indoor . Sizes start at A3 up to 120 x 240 cm ,or up to 2m*3m in one piece. There is no limitation in quantities - we can start from 1 copy although good prices can be achieved from 50+ editions. Posters would be packed well by our own hanging systems .

Our company has many years of experience in the field of large format lenticular poster and we are more than happy to discuss each of our client's particular needs.

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