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Lenticular - From Illusion to Reality



3D effect - allows the transformation of the two-dimensional reference of your choice into a multi-layer three-dimensional image. Photogram also has perfected and uniquely offers wire-frame 3-D. Lenticular effects using 3D depth images utilize the Parallax theory. Our brain compares the different views from our right and left eyes, processes the data, and creates what we see as a three dimensional world. This effect can be achieved with a 3D photo shoot or by simply supplying each element on a separate layer. Quench your thirst with the realistic cup art of swimming with the fish!


Flip effect - is an effect used to show up to 2-5 distinct images, one after the other. Although the most basic out of all the lenticular effects, flips can also be the most dramatic! Sell multiple products, make the piece bi or tri-lingual or simply induce a second look. The basic "flip" has two images printed on the same page, but we can go up to a 4 image flip.


Morph effect - the complete transformation of an image, melting into another. Create the perception that two or more images seamlessly transform into each other before the observer's eyes. This is a valuable lenticular effect for products that come in a variety of shapes, styles or colors, or for products that change or cause changes. Look how the lenticular morph effect demonstrates the convenience and uniqueness of this product!

Zoom effect - based on a single photographic image it is the action of having an object moving closer or further away. Lenticular images appear to "leap out" at the viewer by combining multiple sizes of the same image and merging them quickly together, gradually increasing in size. Lenticular zooms are extremely effective for logo recognition and elements you want to put emphasis on. This airline's message is coming into a smooth landing with this lenticular marketing piece!

Motion Effect - Lenticular utilizing animated images are glorified flip images. The background image may remain constant, while the objects which appear to be moving, will be printed at different positions. Imagine the effectiveness of representing a video action sequence or product demonstration on your next marketing piece! Watch as this NASCAR gift card races to be noticed while you wait to be checked out!
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